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covid-19 PlanS?

We were closed down for a few months in 2020 due to the pandemic, and we were operating with just 1 person handling everything from calls to work. If you tried reaching us between January and June, you were likely impacted by our response!

We are back to pretty much usual operations as of July 2020! Our technicians are wearing masks, and we can split interior/exterior work into different visits. We even tried out a 1-worker crew (in the past all of our crews were 2 people) to make sure that we could work safely.


Additionally, we added an exterior only window cleaning option to our lineup because of this - no screens included! If your screens are on the inside of the house and don't cover the windows from the outside, this means that we wouldn't need to come inside at all!

If you have any further questions or concerns about our response, please let us know.


We began offering "Gutter Brightening" at the end of August 2020 - so, yes! we can clean those gross black stripes on your gutters, in addition to scooping out the debris on the inside of the gutters. This service has a temperature minimum of 65 degrees Fahrenheit so it is weather dependant.

We do not currently offer any roof cleaning services. It is something that we would like to add in the future.

We began offering Solar Panel cleaning in August 2020.

We do not currently offer any flat surface cleaning - decks, patios, driveways, etc.

We no longer offer screen repair services.

We no longer offer chandelier or light fixture cleaning.

A La Carte

"I only want a few windows cleaned" or "I only want a few spots of siding cleaned" or "I only have a couple places on the gutters that need cleaning"

Okay, we can do that. We do have a minimum charge per job which will apply to this kind of service.


"Can you perform the service in the rain?" Short answer: Yes.

Long answer:

In most cases, we can complete your service in the rain as long as there are no wind, thunder/lightning conditions that make it unsafe.

We offer a 3-day rain guarantee which means we will do a touch up on the work if you let us know it's needed within 3 days of the service being completed.

In many cases, we are using our pure water system on the exterior windows, which removes the dirt and debris, and rain is also pure water. With the dirt gone, there's nothing to make the windows dirty again after it rains.

We can also reschedule the day of service, but depending on our schedule it could be days, weeks, or (very rarely) months before the next available appointment.

We cannot perform Gutter Brightening if the surface temperature of the gutter is under 65 degrees. We cannot clean the outside of the windows if the temperature is below freezing.

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