Seeking: Service Technicians

Do you want to be part of a rapidly growing company with lots of room for leaders?

Do you want to be appreciated and recognized for your work?

Do you want to have winters off to explore the world and your passions?

Emerald City Window Cleaning is hiring!

All positions are seasonal, April through December.

Continue If:

  • You are not afraid of heights

  • You love learning new things! 

  • You love being outside in all weather!

  • You work really, really hard!

  • You are able to safely lift over 75 lbs

  • You are able to safely carry a ladder

  • You are licensed and able to drive vehicles (vans and trucks) in the US

  • You are fluent in English

  • You are authorized to work in the US

  • You are willing to consent to a criminal history and driving history check 

  • You can have a flexible schedule

Do Not Continue If:

  • You are afraid of heights

  • You are unwilling to climb ladders 

  • You are unwilling to get wet or dirty

  • You have sensitivities or allergies to common cleaning products we work with

  • You do not have a valid driving license

  • You want to apply because “window cleaning is a simple job”

  • You are unable to lift and carry 75+ lbs

  • You are unable to regularly perform a variety of physical labor tasks that include reaching, carrying, and bending.

  • You absolutely need the same schedule every day (ex. out by 5pm every day)

Job Openings

Assistant (Junior technician)

The core mission of the Assistant/Junior Technician is to assist Crew Leaders to complete jobs efficiently and effectively.


The Junior Tech is expected to complete training to become an expert in window cleaning, gutter cleaning, and siding washing on residential and commercial properties; they are expected to handle and climb ladders safely and effectively, operate all equipment proficiently, maintain personal hygiene and professionalism standards, work with their Crew Leader effectively, and all other expectations listed in the employee handbook.


The Junior Tech may be expected to work independently or with another Junior Tech.

No experience is necessary! Pay starts off at $15/hour

Crew Leader (Senior Technician)

Crew Leaders are expected to meet all the requirements as the Junior Technician in all areas. In addition to the Junior Window Cleaning Technician responsibilities, they are to complete additional training for window cleaning, gutter cleaning, and siding washing on residential and commercial properties, be proficient in leading a small team, and responsible for communication with clients and office staff. Crew Leaders must be licensed to drive in the United States of America with a clean driving record. Additional responsibilities include: money handling, filling out paperwork, providing estimates, and training other technicians.

This position may be hired directly, or promotion from assistant technician accompanied by a substantial pay raise.

Weekend / Substitute

Availability: weekends only. Check!


This position is ideal for those who are interested in technician work but are unable or unwilling to work full time. The person who fills this position is also our first line of defense for a substitute in case of under-staffing


Expected ~20 hours, Saturdays and Sundays. 10-hour days.

Please read descriptions for Crew Leader and Junior Tech as you will be responsible for the same duties, only on the weekends.

Training for this position may take place during the week.

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