come learn the ancient ninja art of window cleaning



  • 4 words: gas powered squirt guns

  • Paid training on all things you do for the job

  • Up to $840 per week - guaranteed $15/hr wage 

  • Weekly, Monthly, and annual bonuses

  • Winters off (time for that new ice fishing hobby!)

  • Uniform shirt and hat provided at no cost to you!

  • Company provided technology for job use (hello, ipad!)

  • Listen to music/podcasts all day while you work

  • Instant gratification of seeing a dirty thing made clean

  • Close-knit team with people who genuinely care about you

  • 40 hours paid sick time per calendar year

  • Holidays off: Easter, Independence Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas, New Years Eve, New Years Day.

  • Travel! We service all of CNY - so you get to see Onondaga County, Cayuga County, Oswego County and Madison County

  • Active work means you save on a gym membership!

  • Point-based reward system for non-cash rewards (baseball tickets! movie tickets for two!)

  • Variety! No 2 days or jobs are exactly the same

  • No need for a RECAPTCHA test because we know you're human
  • Clarity and transparency on all levels
  • No confusion about training, promotions, or raises!!
  • Referral bonuses for new employees and clients
  • Dream management assistance: we want to help you achieve your dreams
  • Some weekends required
  • Sunday through Thursday OR Monday through Friday positions open


  • You want to be a ninja, but only on the weekends

  • Saturday and Sunday, 20 hours per week

  • Routine work - mostly storefronts in the Syracuse area

  • Full-year position - yes, even in the winter!

  • Paid training, company provided uniform (including jacket!)

  • Same stuff as regular "Ninja" gig above because you're just as valuable to us even if you're not working here full-time


Never make less than $15/hr!

Earn up to

April - December

"Friendly workers, great pay, fun job." Justin G.