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Junior Technician

General Labor

The Junior Technician is expected to complete training to become an expert in window cleaning, gutter cleaning, and siding washing on residential and commercial properties, in addition to any additional services the company provides; they are expected to handle and climb ladders safely and effectively, operate all equipment proficiently, maintain personal hygiene and professionalism standards

Senior  Technician

Senior Technicians are expected to meet all the requirements as the Junior Technician in all areas. In addition, they are to complete additional training for window cleaning, gutter cleaning, and siding washing on residential and commercial properties, be proficient in leading a small team, and are responsible for communication with clients and office staff.


Crew Leaders must be licensed to drive in the United States of America with a clean driving record. Additional responsibilities include: money handling, filling out paperwork, providing estimates, and training other technicians.

This position may be hired directly, or internal promotion.

Weekend / Substitute

Availability: weekends only. Check!


What we normally offer as overtime to our existing employees actually has the potential for a year-long part-time position! Ideal for those who are looking to pick up an extra 20 hours or so each week, we have routine window cleaning work scheduled on Saturdays and Sundays year-round.

ADMIN & SALES - closed

We are not currently accepting applications for any administrative or sales positions. When we do, you'll be able to find the job description here. Follow us on Facebook for updates!

All positions require a valid driver's license. Prior to hire, we conduct a background and DMV records check on all employees. 

Technicians can make up to $24 per hour with maximum production bonuses and hourly rate


Never make less than $15/hr!

Earn up to

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